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Een must have item en werkelijkin topconditie..
. https:www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2019/february/yamaha-fzr750r-ow01/
1989 YAMAHA FZR750 R OW-01 FOR SALE Description 1989 YAMAHA FZR750R OW-01 COLLECTORS PIECE Shortly after the Superbike World Championship opened in 1988, manufacturers were compelled to prove their production bikes were up to the task, by providing comparable bikes to the marketplace. Numbers of bikes homologated depended on the size of the manufacturer. Though it did not result in a championship, Yamaha provided the OW 01 to the fray in 1989 and 1990, and in the process created a very memorable street machine.Built to compete with the YB4 and RC30, and the eventual championship winning Ducati 851, the OW 01 was a thinly disguised racer. A 749cc carburetted straight four delivering over 120hp can hardly be otherwise. The 5-valve OW 01 was reputed to be quite rideable, thanks to EXUP, the automatic exhaust port valve. The aluminum perimeter frame was not an innovation but this lightweight DeltaBox was , with similar fabricated swingarm. Large for the day, 43mm forks are fully adjustable, as is the Ohlins rear shock. Braking handled by 280mm front disks and 177mm rear